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Our primary concentration is aviation accident law at the local, national and international level. We represent the families of persons injured in aviation accidents involving civilian (major airline, regional airline, corporate, charter and general aviation/private aircraft) and military (fighter, transport, attack, helicopter and tilt rotor) aircraft.

Our experience includes virtually every type of accident involving virtually every type of cause: mechanical failure, design flaw, material failure, operational (pilot) error, Air Traffic Control negligence, terrorist, and maintenance failures. In addition to the legal concepts of negligence, products liability, failure of the duty to warn, and breach of express and implied warranty, we are also experienced in the challenging and complex areas of the Warsaw Convention, the Federal Tort Claims Act, the Foreign Sovereign Immunity Act, the Government Contractor Defense, and numerous state-specific hurdles such as statutes of repose and contributory negligence.

The experience gained in our numerous cases over the years enables us to handle any type of aviation accident case. We are especially proud of our helicopter expertise - Mr. Crouse is a U.S. Army qualified Research and Development and Maintenance Test Pilot. His actual flying experience includes Research and Development test flying, maintenance test flying, MEDEVAC, environmental, observation, assault, and administrative flying. He was one of the first Army Aviators to fly Night Vision Goggles, and he has experience with the TADS/PNVS system on the Army’s AH-64 Apache helicopter. In addition to his test flying duties, his primary Military Occupational Specialty was as an Army Aviation Maintenance Officer, where he spent the majority of twenty-five years of military service.

Our overall experience and interest in the aviation law field has enabled us to co-author a casebook on aviation law, which has been selected for use by aviation law professors.

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