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We are grateful to have been successful in our work for victims, and we have listed below some of our past experience and the results obtained.* We are profoundly aware, however, that in this context "success" is a bittersweet term, because what we were able to achieve could not return lost loved ones or totally heal wounds.

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$110+million: ATR-72 Crash due to icing; Plaintiff Committee Settlement
for twenty-seven families on Eve of Trail; (1998)
$35.35million: Total amount of recovery for firm's clients in ATR-72
crash; Settlements (1995-1998)
$20+ million: Aircraft Crash victim severely burned; Settlement (1997)
$8.1 million: Helicopter Crash in Mexico, Wrongful Death and Personal Injury, non-economic (pain & suffering damages only-no economic or medical); Verdict (1995)
$8.0 million: Wrongful Death of two police officers in helicopter crash;
Settlement (1995)
$3.5 million: Mid-air collision, Wrongful Death of 50 year old executive;
Settlement (1995)
$2.85 million: Death of year old executive in Bolivia; Settlement
$2.00 million: Recovery for families of two United States Marine Corps
Sergeants who lost their lives in a crash of the V-22
"Osprey"; Settlement (1994)
$2.00 million: Wrongful Death recovery for two members of Eric
Clapton's tour group in same helicopter crash which took the life of Stevie Ray Vaughn; Settlement (1992)
$1.5 million: Recovery for photographer in heli-ski crash; Settlement (1995)
$1.15 million: Victim of Mid-Air collision of WWII vintage aircraft;
Settlement (1996)
Confidential: Recovery for Wrongful Deaths of three victims in Bolivian
helicopter crash reported by Bolivian attorneys to be the highest amounts to be recovered in Bolivia for wrongful death until that time; Settlement (1994)
Confidential: Recovery for four personal injury victims in heli-skiing
crash in Colorado, one of whom was Christie Brinkley;
Settlement (1999)

Lead Counsel / Plaintiffs'  Committee Experience

Lead Liability Counsel in 1986 crash of Boeing Model 234
helicopter in North Sea; World's Largest Civilian Helicopter
Disaster-Settlements (1986-1989)

Airline/Multi-District Litigation:
TAN/SAHSA Boeing 727 Honduras (1989)
LAN/Chile BAE 146 Chile (1991)
U.S. Air Boeing 737 Pittsburgh (1994)
American Eagle ATR-72 Roselawn, Indiana (1994)
ASA EMB-120 Carrollton, Georgia (1995)
Comair EMB-120 Detroit (1997)

* The results listed are cases in which Mr. Crouse was involved and worked on when a partner or associate with his prior law firm, Speiser Krause.

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