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Attorney James T. Crouse started Crouse Law Offices after a prior successful career with an established international aviation law firm*. Finding that his interests in helping others could be best served by starting his own firm, attorney Crouse started Crouse Law Offices to maximize education, training and experience in the representation of those injured by the negligence, carelessness and indifference of other individuals, corporations or insurance companies.

Competent representation is not enough, however. At Crouse Law Offices, “business as usual” is not sufficient in the representation of injured people. We are determined not to be “usual” either in our representation of or in our relationship with our clients. Crouse Law Offices is committed to energetic and creative ways to represent our clients.

With over twenty-five years of traditional law firm and litigation experience, we at Crouse Law Offices know and appreciate the value of that approach. But we also realize that there are times where new ideas and methods need to be employed in order to ensure the best possible representation of our clients. We work hard to find the best approach and to assemble the best team to meet the unique challenges of each case and do not constrain ourselves to what has been done before.

Our past legal experience has given us an understanding of the concerns and needs of our clients. To us, each and every client is a valuable individual-- here you are not just a number on a case list. We limit the number of cases we handle at any given time so we will never be restricted from becoming personally involved in each and every case, allowing us to better apply ourselves to each case.

We send out report letters and make telephone calls to make sure you are kept informed about all aspects of your case. We provide each client with not only the telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses at our work, but also with our home and cell phone numbers so you can reach us when you need or want to talk to us. We also can provide you with the name and telephone number of a counselor in whom you can confide whenever you choose.

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