International Aircraft Accident Lawyers

Our Aircraft Experience

National Aviation Law Attorneys

Over our one hundred years of combined aviation and aviation law experience, we have flown, designed or investigated crashes involving numerous aircraft. Here is a listing of some of our aircraft experience:

A-319/320/321 Airbus
A-330 Airbus
AH-1S (Helicopter)
AH-1W (Helicopter)
AS-350 (Helicopter)
AS-355 (Helicopter)
AS-365N2 (Helicopter)
Airbus 320
B-737-300, -400
Beech 200 SuperKing Air
Beechcraft King Air
Bell 206 (Helicopter)(Several Versions)
Bell 212 (Helicopter) (military
and civilian)
Bell Jet Ranger206
Boeing 737
BV-234 (Helicopter)
Cessna 150/152
EurocopterA-Star Twinstar350 / 355

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