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10-28-06 - Two people were killed Friday and two others were injured in a plane crash near the Statesville Regional Airport. A single-engine, four-seat Cirrus SR22 departed North Palm Beach, Fla., Friday Friday morning, with a listed destination of Lake Norman Airpark, near Charlotte.  However, plane ended up in Statesville, where it crashed in a field north of the airport.  Please contact Crouse Law Offices for information on the airplane crash.

10-28-07, Two dead in Plane Crash Near Statesville
10-28-06, Two dead, two injured _ one critically _ in N.C. plane crash near Statesville

08-27-06 - A commuter jet mistakenly trying to take off on a runway that was too short crashed into a field Sunday and burst into flames, killing 49 people and leaving one survivor, according to federal investigators. Comair Flight 5191, a CRJ-100 regional jet, is reported to have taken off from the shortest runway at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport.  Please contact Crouse Law Offices for information on the crash.

08-28-06, Accident Explanation by Attorney Crouse
08-27-06,, 49 Dead in Ky. Comair Crash; 1 Survivor

02-16-05 - A twin-engine Cessna registered to Circuit City Stores Inc. crashed on its approach to an airport in Colorado, killing at least seven people. The Cessna Citation 560 was first introduced in 1987 and delivered beginning in 1989. It carries six to 10 passengers and is the world's fastest-selling business jet according to Global  For information on the crash, please contact Crouse Law Offices.

02-16-04, Bloomberg, Icing may be investigated in Circuit City plane crash

01-22-05 - A preliminary report on the Jan. 10, 2005, medevac helicopter crash near the  Woodrow Wilson Bridge, that connects Maryland and Virginia, says that a 70-passenger jet passed the area less than two minutes before the helicopter went down and notes that the only survivor, a flight nurse, wondered whether it might have left a wake of dangerous air turbulence.  Please contact Crouse Law Offices for information on the crash.

01-22-04, Washington Post, Jet's Presence Noted in Helicopter Crash

01-22-05 - OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — A twin-engine plane crashed shortly after takeoff and was reduced to "bits and pieces" after it crashed into a home in a Kansas City suburb, killing all five people on board and leaving a fiery trail of destruction in the well-to-do neighborhood.  Please contact us for information.

01-22-05 - USA Today, Plane crashes in Kansas City suburb; five killed.

01-12-05 - Investigators are seeking causes of a helicopter crash in the Potomac River.  One theory is that the helicopter may have struck one of the cranes, causing it to lose altitude and break apart in the water. The NTSB is investigating 11 medical flight crashes in the past 12 months. Please contact us for information.

01-12-05, WJS 13 Eyewitness News, Cranes May Have Caused Helicopter Crash.

10-27-04 - a privately owned, Beechcraft BE60, twin-engine airplane crashed about a mile from the Asheville, North Carolina Regional Airport. Crouse Law Offices is investigating the crash. Please contact us for information.

10-27-04, The Associated Press - News & Observer, Four killed in Asheville, NC plane crash.

10-24-04 - A tragic crash has killed ten people in a plane owned by the Henrick Motorsports NASCAR racing team. Please contact Crouse Law Offices for information on the crash.

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10-24-04, CBS 2, 10 Killed In NASCAR Plane Crash

10-24-04, ABC News, 10 Die in Hendrick Motorsports Plane Crash

10-20-04 - A Missouri commuter plane crash has killed thirteen people. Crouse Law Offices is investigating the crash. Please contact us for information.

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10-20-24, CNN, Missouri Plane Crash Kills 8 (Updated to 13)

10-22-04, USA Today, Plane lacked cockpit safety device


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