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Our practice includes not only aviation but many other areas in which our technical background, together with our legal experience, gained in local, national and international settings, have enabled us to successfully represent clients in the following areas:

PRODUCTS LIABILITY: We use numerous products in our daily lives, designed and manufactured in the United States and overseas. Too often these products are placed into the marketplace without adequate testing and they hurt people, or they remain in the marketplace much too long after their dangerous natures have been discovered. History shows us that many products—from automobiles, to insulation, paint, drugs, and aircraft—have been allowed to stay on the market due to the selfishness of those who provide them or the indifference of those in government who are supposed to be our protectors.

Whether the products are defective in design or in use, or whether the problem is simply that the manufacturer and the seller failed to provide adequate instructions for use or failed to issue proper warnings about the product’s dangerous characteristics, we are here to work for those who have been hurt by those products. Our goal is not just recovery for our clients, but also removal of these dangerous items from the marketplace so they hurt.

TRANSPORTATION: Our modern world causes us to use some means of transportation virtually every day. Usually it is automobiles, but frequently it is buses, aircraft, trains and boats. All too often the operators of these vehicles fail to operate them safely or fail to keep them in safe, workable condition. Many times the condition of these vehicles violates the laws and regulations established to protect us. We know not only the laws and regulations, but also the industry and professional standards these operators are supposed to meet. We are ready to enforce those standards against those who violate the “rules of the road” and cause harm to others.

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